Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Worker Bees


Bobby's Dream said...

Is there a Queen in this analogy?

Jason said...

Ah you're back. There's been something I've been meaning to say to you:

Phil Collins.


Bobby's Dream said...

Er..thanks. That certainly put me in my place.

Jason said...

Directed towards Phil, as well you know. :)

But doesn't seem interested in either of us.

Phil Knight said...

You're going to have to be way less cryptic, guys!

(though in fairness, so am I)

Jason said...

I think my esteemed fellow-commenter was quite clear. (I wasn't -- deliberately, since I believe people need mystery in their lives.)

Still if you must know, I was replying to your thought a while back that there is no such thing as an uncool drummer.


Phil Knight said...

Ice-T thinks Collins is cool.

That bloke who drummed with The Eagles, though. He wasn't very cool, come to think of it.