Thursday, 20 December 2012

Amazingly, this band were deemed to have "progressed" when they ditched their rhythm section and Went Boring:

How insane is that? The same happened with this band:

There was something about late-eighties hipness that hated rhythm, at least in certain circumstances. It was a kind of division of labour - that there was functional music to dance to, and music to narcissistically coccoon yourself in. Although the dance music was also escapist, I suppose. Very weird and unnatural when you think about it, to have a functional "communal" music that necessitates drug use in order for it to be enjoyed, and a functional private music that resists being played even in a quiet social setting. I guess that's why all the students I knew in the 90's played old stuff like Santana during social gatherings.

Then again, Rave and Acid House were also really about private experience - yours within the pseudo-community that it created. It's not like any of the DJ's would sit down and have a pint and a laugh with the punters after they'd finished their stint. Rave only felt liberating within the context of the Saturday night mating culture of the typical provincial nightclub. Its conspiratorial illegality was mistaken for sponteneity.

What strange times they were.

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